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Chase Walker Gregory

Located in Orlando, Florida, I am a car enthusiast with a high passion for luxury, lifestyle, breaking news and race in the automotive industry.  I do marketing on a daily basis for industrial manufactured products so language and etiquette are very important to me.
Driving events, car shows, and car news are what You and I love so explore my blog for more.

With press passes to events, my knowledge of the automotive industry does get noticed.  
I am an inspiring writer and family man as well as a professional athlete in the wakeskate industry. 
I am willing to travel for work, meet and greet, do interviews, photography, and market all in the same instance which could really benefit you and your company in the near future.  
Whether you need a lead man, a marketer, a driver, or a writer, I am here with the drive to succeed.

My contact info:
phone- 407-340-8573