Thursday, August 13, 2015

Major Explosion in China Leaves Thousands of Vehicles Burnt to a Crisp w/Video

At first glance, it seems like a junk yard. but then the smoke in the background makes you stop and think again what this picture is depicting.....

Yesterday, August 12th, 2015 there was a major explosion that is still unknown of the initial cause. Rumors of a gas leak have surfaced, but since today, other reports have come out, non of which confirming the cause. The explosion occured in Tianjin, China. Other sources report that the firefighters have been told to stand down due to near by buildings containing dangerous chemicals.

The Chinese government has sent in a biological team to find the cause because of a strange odor in the air.  There have been 50 fatalities and hundreds injured with at least a dozen other firefighters missing. reports that over 2,700 cars have been completely totaled due to the explosion including "1,065 Touaregs, 391 Beetles, 257 Tiguans, 114 Golfs, 84 Up! minicars, 39 SportVans, and 28 Magotans" which is a version of the Passat. Land Rover and Renault have also lost cars but have not stated how many.

Watch the explosion from a near by apartment building. Mind you there is offensive language and your volume should be turned down if you are sensitive to foul words or if there are children near by.

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Tainjin China Explosion
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