Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Conversation with Electric Car Insider, Electric Terry, Tesla, and Zero Motorcycles

Hell All!
I have had some amazing conversations with some of my friends in the electric transportation industry over the years and have always wanted to make our talks public because, well...more people need to know about what we talk about.

We talk about things like; Where is the EV industry now? - What's new in the industry? - What have you driven lately? - Are you noticing more push for electric? - What are people asking for regarding EV's? - and How's your family?

Hear what my friends from "Electric Car Insider Magazine", Terry Hershner AKA-Electric Terry, motorcycle guru Craig Vetter, an employee from all electric car Tesla Motors, the marketing director for Zero Motorcycles as well as a Zero Dealer in Kuwait, a few other EV friends and myself had to say about the emerging technology and the future of electric transportation in an extensive chat last week that I recorded live on Google Hangouts.

*If you think that EV's are the future of transportation, please listen, comment and share!
Thanks - Chase

Check out the latest issue of Electric Car Insider Magazine HERE and at Barnes and Noble
In the latest issue, Terry has a featured article of his cross country trip, pushing the limits of electric motorcycles, batteries, and chargers.

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