Friday, October 3, 2014

The Best Used Car You'll Ever See!

Purchasing a used car is stressful. Sometimes more stressful than buying a new car from an aggressive dealer.  But I can assure you that every used car is never the same ;)

I have purchased a few used cars with the understanding that, whoever owned these cars, has just completely destroyed it, yet has hidden everything wrong with it to the naked eye.

This post is to honor your intuition that your car has truly been treated like crap from someone that has never been told how to take care of their expensive means of transportation.
And if you want a perfect car, I can show you where your closest dealer is to you. 
But if you want a car, and can't afford the new model, please shut up, because to me, every used car has been treated like how this woman understands even the simplest task of cleaning her car. 

Enjoy and comment!