Friday, October 10, 2014

Electric Car: BMW i3 Part Two w/Video

I have described the BMW i3 as being the "best bang for your buck" in Part One of this first hand drive post. Now, I am going to go into more detail and explain why, and to finish, I have a short video for you to enjoy.
The BMW i3 manufacturing process starts in Washington State with all of the other carbon fiber genius's in this country from a factory completely powered by their own hydro plant. (Renewable Energy)

After the unibody frame is made in the States, it is then shipped to Germany to another BMW plant that was built for the "i Brand" that is also powered by 100% renewable energy, 4 huge wind turbines.
The amazing wood trim is made from a sustainable forest of eucalyptus trees in Europe that give a very nice defined look that gives the impression of a renewable and sustainable vehicle.

The i3 that I drove was equipped with a quick charger that can charge the car to a 90% full battery (90miles) in about 30 minutes.  Just enough time to have a quick snack when going on those longer road trips.
The regenerative braking gives you the ability for "One Pedal Driving" as the term has come to be, where the energy from the forward momentum of the car is retrieved and stored back to the battery and as this happens, the car slows down with the feeling of the brake being used, but its actually the regen system working properly.
The One Pedal Driving was actually really easy to get use to and was something I had heard different opinions on it, but my opinion....I love it!

The car has been stated to be in comparison of size to a BMW 3 Series, but it definitely felt much roomier than that.  It felt as spacious as a Ford Flex.  Yet everything you needed to use to make your driving experience as best as possible was in perfect distance to control.  From the music, to comfortability settings, driving settings, even the power windows, it seems as if the engineers spent way to much time designing the drivers experience, but was well worth it because I am very impressed.

My end statement is that I bet if you take the time drive one at your local dealer, you will want to talk numbers because this car is just about perfect.

Check out the video we did at Melbourne BMW thanks to Denis - the product specialist for the dealer. I highly recommend you call Denis. He and his team there are very friendly and his knowledge of the i brand and BMW in general really wows you matched with his passion for cars.
Melbourne BMW is a pleasurable experience. Thanks again!