Sunday, July 6, 2014

First Hand Drive: Tesla Model S

So I finally had the opportunity to drive a Tesla Model S!

I was so excited, this was the only picture that I took.  Maybe because I've already sat in a couple and was already a bit familiar.  Either way, everything that I had heard about the Model S, about how great it was, how people spend more money on a car to have one, the power, the handling, the overall picture...........All True!

It's hard where to start.
I guess I would really like to start by personally taking you to a design studio so you can sit in one.  It's perfect inside. Where your elbows rest, the feel of the steering wheel, the different storage compartments/trays, the 17 inch touch screen in the dash...... and I'll stop there.

I was a bit confused on how the extremely large infotainment screen would work out when driving, because just sitting there, it looks too big.

But when driving, the split screen is the perfect size to see the navigation in relation to the media/data portion of the screen. It is easy to drag-n-drop apps and touch the correctly selected icons.  I never had to squint to read text or data, and the icon buttons were just the right size. The relativeness and proportion is perfect; I wouldn't change a thing.

The styling:
Simply on par with styling! When it drives down the road, it looks like a future car, but not the unbelievable future.  People stare......probably because it's the right design for the future of cars.  Of course there was a lot of engineering for wind drag and curb appeal, yet its perfectly sound and stable at any speed.

The power:
The Performance 85 kWh lithium-ion battery is perfect! 100% of the 443 foot pounds of torque coming at 0 rpm puts you from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds. The speed is governed at 130mph, so don't say anything when you can't go any faster.  With the big battery, you have about 265 miles on a single full charge but don't forget that you can charge for free at any Telsa Supercharging Station.

From the seats tucking you in for a proper sports car ride, and the technology matched with futuristic, yet promising styling, the Tesla Model S is a leader not just for Tesla or the EV market.  It is the start of an existence that we will see the automotive industry transform into.

As Tosh.O says, "and for that, we thank you!"

Thanks to Electric Car Insider Magazine for the opportunity to drive this beautiful machine. 
Click this text to go to their site and see when your next chance to drive a Tesla is.