Tuesday, June 3, 2014

GM Shows 13 Percent Increase In Sales After Huge Recall

GM recalls: Chevrolet Corvette, Malibu, Silverado, Tahoe, Cadillac CTS, GMC Sierra and more....

....And I thought this was going to hit GM in a big way, hearing all of the jokes about them having a government loan and now huge recalls just before one of the biggest sale weekends of the year, Memorial Day.

What about all of the marketing money GM has been spending for the new Cadillac, Silverado, and the iconic Corvette?

Well, I guess the push and spending worked.  GM showed a 13% rise in sales last month.

And on a bigger note, Jeep is up a whopping 58%!

Audi also posted a big gain with a 26% rise in sales.