Thursday, June 5, 2014

Electric Car Guest Drive Brought To You By EV Quorum And Electric Car Insider Magazine

I was recently connected on LinkedIn to the editor of Electric Car Insider Magazine, Christopher Alan, which then promoted us to email and have a couple phone calls over the next couple of weeks leading up to a trip I had previously planned out to California to the Automotive News Marketing Seminar in Los Angeles a couple days after Mothers Day.  Chris invited me to join his Electric Car Guest Drive – West Coast Tour that he was hosting actually on Mothers Day, the day I flew in, but wasn't until late. So I changed my flight to join the passionate EV enthusiasts in Irvine, CA that Sunday.

First thing’s first, EV owners are some of the coolest people you will ever meet.  They don’t brag about their cars, they don’t boast why they drive EV’s; they drive what they drive for a reason - so ask them and they are nice enough to tell you with a smile because you have shown them interest into something greater than just a means of transportation. 

Electric cars are not a movement, and they aren’t driven by a bunch people following a trend that have bumper stickers promoting “stop drilling” because they are educated enough to know that the car is made out of parts that come from oil.  Of course they care about the environment and is definitely one of the reasons why they choose to drive electric; but the reason I found out through this car club is that everyone drives an EV for a different reason, yet they are all best friends and have the greatest conversations. 

I was fortunate enough to have joined the EV Quorum Car Club and ECIM (Electric Car Insider Magazine) on Mother’s Day because there was not a full list of registered drivers.  The benefit, I was offered an opportunity to drive Electric Cars for an afternoon and actually got to talk to everyone that brought their own EV's along with other enthusiast's. I now have quality friends for hopefully the rest of my life.  That right there is a great reason to attend one of their driving events.