Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Hand Drive: Ford Focus Electric

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Opinion first.....the Ford Focus Electric, it's nothing special, just another sedan but with a battery. I have felt special in every electric car and extended range vehicle that I have been in before until now.  I felt no excitement and I did not feel as if I was in something special. 

The electric car is something special in so many ways, but this car, not so much.  

Ford Focus Electric Wheels Badge Green

The dash was very sleek, but a bit too much. The air vents, the steering wheel, and a few extra curves about turned me off.  If Ford wants to make an affordable electric car, slow down the design on the dash and it would be a competitive product.  I know that they wanted to make you feel like you spent your money well with some sportiness and luxury, but this car is not for that.  Less design and make it affordable, then you'll have something. 

Steering Wheel Dash Seats Navigation Touch Screen

Granted, the space for passengers was very nice, and when you are spending $35k before the tax breaks, at least you do have some attempt at interior design and the seats come from 100% recycled material.  

EV Trunk Hatch Size

Driving was just like another Focus. The pick-up from the battery was to be expected but still felt like it could be better.  This car makes sense if your going somewhere an hour away and are taking your friends and family. It feels safe, spacious, and the hatch trunk has a "close-handle" on both sides which I appreciate.
This car just isn't it though.

MSRP- $35,170
Range- 76 miles
Top Speed- 84 mph
Battery- 23 kWh liquid-cooled, lithium-ion

Thanks to Electric Car Insider Magazine for inviting me out to drive with you!Click this text for more on ECIM's Guest Drive Tour where you can drive EV's with no selling pressure.