Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Hand Drive: Fiat 500e

Electric Vehicle

The Fiat 500e has to be the best pure electric car in production today (not in the Tesla price range.)  This Italian belly bump at high speeds has the control of a 4 door sedan at 80mph. The 500 is a great car in the first place. I drove one last year in NYC and out to the was quite a pleasure experience.  The space inside is surprising, the power never let me down, the gas mileage was great, and I always felt in agile control.

Now take a great car for the city and highway, then make it electric.  Max torque at 0 rpm in such a small and nimble car....I'll take one of those. Granted, I'm not going to buy one because it's not my style, but I know quite a few people that I will recommend this car to next time I see them. 

Italian Electric Car Dash Interior Steering Wheel

The interior is a highlight on the 500e.  Unlike the miscarriage that Chevy left in the Volt, the interior makes you feel like you are in something special, but that kind of special car sense you feel when you sit in/or imagine sitting in a futuristic car, but its not over the top, which makes it feel real.  Everything is within a short radius, and very manageable. Nothing seems out of the range of common sense (applaud!) And the white/pearl interior dash makes it feel stylishly electric.

Fiat 500 Electric

I really like this car; it drives very well, is good for the environment, is very price competitive after incentives, and is a car you can drive in style.  Everyone looks at you driving this and then they realize its electric...."WOW!"

MSRP- $32,300
Battery- 24 kWh lithium-ion 
Range-  80-100 miles
Top Speed- 85 mph

Thanks to Electric Car Insider Magazine for inviting me out to drive with you!
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