Monday, May 5, 2014

Drive an EV Car at Electric Car Guest Drive - West Coast Tour

Drive Electric Vehicle California

Now you have a chance to ask question, sit inside, and drive electric cars from people that actually own them in cities throughout California starting this month of May.  The meet-ups feature the Tesla Model S and other EV’s like the Ford Focus Electric, Fiat 500e, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Smart ED and others.

There are two objectives for these events,
1. Introduce drivers to EVs and build awareness about electric cars in the community.

2.Build personal relationships with other members of the EV Quorum car club.

If you have questions or speculations about electric cars, I encourage you to come and ask any thing you want before and after you drive.  This amazing car club is letting you drive their EV’s because they want you to understand them better and also so you have the knowledge of EV’s when considering a new vehicle.   

The Electric Car Guest Drive is co-hosted by EV Quorum car club, local Electric Auto Association chapters and sponsored by Electric Car Insider magazine. These driving events will be held in 12 cities stretching from Sand Diego to Santa Rosa north of the San Francisco Bay Area and allow 50 guest drivers per event. 

San Diego metro area
Downtown - Saturday, May 3 from 12pm-6pm

North County - Carlsbad - Sunday May 4 from 12pm-6pm

Greater Los Angeles metro area:

Chino Hills - Saturday May 10 from 12pm-6pm

Orange County - Irvine - Sunday May 11 from 12pm-6pm

Ventura - Saturday May 17 from 12pm-6pm

Santa Monica - Sunday May 18 from 12pm-6pm

Northern California:

San Francisco - Saturday May 24 from 12pm-6pm

East Bay - Sunday May 25 from 12pm-6pm

Sacramento - Memorial Day - Monday May 26 from 12pm-6pm

Santa Rosa - Wednesday May 28 from 4pm-7pm

San Jose - Saturday May 31 from 12pm-6pm

Monterey - Sunday June 1 from 12pm-6pm

For more information please visit the Electric Car Guest Drive website: