Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Feel The Passion For Cars As Chris Harris Drives The McLaren P1

Chris Harris has the dream job of test driving the newest, oldest and coolest cars in the world for our viewing pleasure.

McLaren Supercar P1 Drive Chris Harris
Chris Harris after his dream drive
I would like to first start off by reminding you of why I have this automotive blog and I can describe it with just one word...."Passion."

Now the first time I saw /Drive with Chris Harris a few years ago, I didn't fall in love; I felt so honored to feel the same passion for cars as he does.  He doesn't copy other drivers and what they say, he is a true car fanatic and a passionate driver which you can tell in every video.

I can honestly say that I watched the full video below and almost teared at the end because you can really see his passion, his dream and his true respect for everything he has ever done with cars to lead him up to the ultimate life dream; to drive "The" most amazing car ever built; the McLaren P1.

Nothing can compare to someones joy and enthusiasm after he just stops talking during the drive to truly feel every emotion that ran through his body every time he powered down through the corners and even steps it out for a last lap.

Please, I highly recommend watching this full video and you will see what I mean. It's worth the watch.