Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lincoln...Let's Get Thinkin'

Luxury SUV
2015 Lincoln Navigator
I first have to applaud The Lincoln Motor Company for grabbing the "blue oval" by the F in Ford and really embracing the shift in the automotive industry that we live in now. They've really show that Lincoln still knows luxury cars and their drivers with styling like nothing else.

What told me Lincoln was back, was the MKZ with that superhero front end and a sexy ass for a trunk.  Styling means so much in the luxury world now; it means more than performance.  Sure you can argue, but I bet you drive something that someone else has, but theirs has the better engine, better wheels, and gets better gas mileage than yours.  Yet you still love pulling into your driveway with yours every single day.

This isn't the Porsche, Range Rover, or Mercedes crowd, so how do you stay alive in this luxury market?

Well lets talk about connecting with their customers.  They are drivers first, and a picky one's at that. But they are drivers who love to drive in comfort and style.  You will never pull up to one that wants to race your Mercedes, and it really bothers them when you do.  Minor touch to detail is definitely a major concern to them in a car, I mean you stare at it every single day, it better be right.  It has to float on the road so the wife and kids can sleep while you drive all the way to your summer vacation or ski trip.  It needs to have technology that works with you, not against. And it needs to have safety with airbags all around the car.

Did you know that the 2015 Navigator pictured here can pull 9,000lbs!
Talk about a fun vacation!

Lincoln is hitting all the right hot buttons with their followers and reaching to the higher end buys with their lower end pricing.

They are also reaching their newer buyers with social media.  This is where I am just a little confused.  They have a Facebook page with half of a million Likes, an Instagram with only 5,278 Followers, and no LinkedIn page.......
How can Lincoln not have a LinkedIn page?!?!

Nothing on their website but what feels like a hidden Follow on Instagram button. There is no cross promotion either, example; there is no posts for their Facebook followers to let them know that they have an Instagram.

C'mon Lincoln, Lets Get Thinkin'!!

But keep up the good work, I'm loving every model. Let's get together and talk more marketing.

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