Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Future of Alfa Romeo

Festivals of Speed
Alfa Romeo 7C at Festivals of Speed

I recently attended the Festivals of Speed at the Ritz in Orlando and my winning pick for the show was the Alfa's 7C.  I have been waiting to see one in person and I am glad I did, it's beautiful!

Alfa Romeo 6C rendered by Alex Imnadze

Chrysler and Dodge reported earlier this year that they are to anticipate rear wheel and all wheel drive platforms from Alfa Romeo and Maserati into their developing models.  So it seems as though Afla Romeo will be keep their feet planted and moving forward on keeping the technology and the brand alive.

Alfa Romeo 6C rendered by Alex Imnadze
The rear end of this slightly resembles a Ferrari and a Lamborghini.  Pretty sexy if you as me...

The more I see of Alfa the more excited I get, especially entering new markets like the small compact series with the Giulietta

Rendered Pictures Source: WorldCarFans