Thursday, December 5, 2013

Keeping Your Cool With Clients

Today I was emailed again from an editor awaiting a piece that we had revised and were waiting for corporate to approve the changes.
Dealing with corporate accounts can be your saving grace when you make a mistake because they love you and love what you are doing for them.  Having that big account can also be the loss of the client because they slack in every way ....which most do, example; not getting pieces back in time for deadlines, or not making important phone calls, and even worse, not having any new product launches for extended periods of time. But you love the money and the client is cool....some days.

So when I was chit chatting with my other Sr. Partner, loosing my cool I said this:

"We cannot look bad to corporate just because someone in the main office won't read 1500 words."

But why I was being bothered again by this recurring event was a bit of the child in me.

This post is about not letting things that are out of your control bother you....and move on.  You did the work, you did it on time, now its up to them.
The client that needs to be babied is no easy client. The client for me is the one that wants to improve, wants to evolve, and wants to make money.

Thats everyone right?! Wrong!

Thats everyone's idea of how they are, but really they are too busy to stop and see the product/industry.

Keep your cool, it will be ok.