Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BMW i3: The Future To Green Transportation

I am very excited for the “i” brand from BMW and the i3 is the perfect introduction. BMW i3 is the perfect resemblance of the start/future to green transportation.  I think the BMW “i” brand stands for something that people don’t even know is here (the all electric movement.)  With the latest concept renderings of the 2025 BMW police car, BMW i will be the backbone of future transportation.

The U-shaped LED lights look very cool that resemble eyes as if a proper tool for transportation that can communicate, save you, and help you make your excursions with personality, just like a real person.  The exterior size is perfect for any road, whether it be in the city or touring the country.  Complementing the outside, the interior will surprise you with its spacious headroom and of course elegant and future-focused style. 

While the 118d won the World Green Car of the Year in 2008, the BMW i3’s carbon footprint is around a third smaller than the diesel.  Still being rear wheel drive, the i3 is all-electric, and I mean all electric, unlike the Tesla (bet you thought they were all electric…. they aren’t.)

0-6 in 7.2 seconds, that’s about what a sporty 2000 Acura TL does with a V6. 

Driving distance is about 62 miles, one of the largest ranges from an all-electric luxury car.  Now you can add about 12 miles to that by driving in ECO mode, and if you really want range, you can add a 2-cylinder battery charger that will replenish the electric motor to take you all the way up to 185 miles of driving range.