Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Hand Look & Drive: The New BMW 335GT!!!!

Words could not express my joy when our newly married friends told me they were trading in their two cars (Jeep Unlimited and VW CC) for the brand new BMW 335i GT.  They said they would bring it by one of our business's Honey Comb Hair & Makeup Studio for a "First Hand Look & Drive.

The couple wants to start a beautiful family and living so close to work, they realized they did not need both cars, even when having a kid or two.  One being successful in the beauty industry, and the other, a professional banker, these two just look like BMW drivers that I would see in one of my new favorite cars. They just look like BMW GT owners and I am envious.

Let me start that when the 535i GT came out, I was super excited, and when I actually saw them on the road, something just didn't seem right.  It was almost like I wanted to see 33" tires on it all beefed out, but then I thought, well then it would just be an X6, so why not just get a dope X6?  Something on the 5 just wasn't right/out of proportion.

.....Then the 335i GT pictures came out and I blogged about it immediately!  Its perfect!!
Every body line fit the hatchback body every so perfectly.  They say, "Hi, I am a BMW....Oh Snap Hatchback!!??"

The only words that I could think of when I saw this car pull up to our business after our friends picked it up from the dealer with the M package were; "It's Perfect!!

To drive is a dream. I thought it might feel like any other 335i, but not on this time.  BMW has really pushed the engineering of "smooth" to another term.  The 300lbs of tourqe from the engine comes super early, as soon as 1,200rpm!! When you look up the word "smooth" in the dictionary, there is a picture of the 2014 BMW 335i GT next to it.  From the body to the ride, it is so smooth.  Driving is effortless yet you are in total control (a drive will have you understanding.)  The turbo straight-6 engine is matched with an 8 speed transmission that is again....smooth like butter!

Of course there are so many different driving modes, an amazing stereo of course, a navigation system that will have you driving with your eyes closed(don't try that) and the best seats so far of any 3 series.  The room in the back seat is unbelievable as well.  I forgot to slide the driver seat forward after I got out to see the back seat and this is what happened....

I'm 5'8" with 10.5 shoes on, and my feet are not even touching.  Other big car sites had mentioned how big the GT was inside, saying that its 4 inches longer and 3 inches taller, but Wow! You've got 5series room back there.

Also, the new mouse for the gigantic nav screen, you can write on it with your finger for putting the address into the destination.

60-40-40 split rear seats make the trunk extremely big.  What I really appreciate is the ability to function like a wagon, without the look.  Wagons are just gonna be wagons for the reason is that they are wagons.  This is Gran-Turismo, and a great representation of that.

19" wheels with 255/45/19 in the front and 255/40/19 in the rear.  Maybe you can help me out with the purpose of having a different size tire like that on this car.  The 40's in the back are gonna ride a little lower, why would they do that? Comment below.

Anyways, the car is awesome....that is all.

0-60: 5.4sec
Rear Wheel Drive
Turbocharged Inline 6cylinder 
8 Speed Automatic Transmission with Sport Paddle Shifters.

Thanks to Michelle and Geo for the privilege to drive your car.
You can see Michelle in Orlando at The Parlor off Bumby.