Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Automotive News Marketing Seminar; NYC: My Take

Automotive News Marketing Seminar in New York City, September 18, 2013

I recently attended the Automotive News Marketing Seminar in New York City because it was a trip I wanted to make since attending the seminar in Los Angeles that was such a great learning experience.  This seminar in NYC had presenters from:

Dean Evans- CMO, Subaru of America, Inc.
Kim McCullough- Brand VP, Land Rover North America LLC
Susi Rossick- Sr. Manager, Honda/Acura Regional Marketing American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Brian Smith- VP, Lexus Marketing, Toytoa Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

I must say first, I thoroughly enjoyed all the presenters in LA, but NYC, something was a miss.

Dean Evans of Subaru had a great presentation and so did Brian of Lexus.  Dean pressed the safety segment and how to attract previous buyers to buy again. 

Brian of Lexus showed the success of their brands marketing through a montage of events and prior PR projects that definitely spoke to the entry level, business-like, yet  young and sporty buyers that will end up buying again and again because of a great product.

Susie from Honda/Acura didn’t really have the passion that we love so much from Honda. Their ads speak louder than she did which I thought was a odd and every time Acura came up, she quickly avoided the subject. 

I am sure that we all feel the lack of Acura’s strength from previous years.  They have tried to impress a market that I believe is targeted to the competition of BMW and Mercedes, than Lexus or Infinity, and just has not figured it out yet.  Well, BMW and Mercedes buyers will find the Acura product just a little on the cheaper side, hence a  smaller sticker price.

But the brand that has found its market is Land Rover but there was only thing that I felt was not right. We had a sneak peek of their Range Rover up Pikes Peak commercial and the SUV after it climbs the run, the driver ends up going down the back slope, which when Kim McCullough presented, I found my self filled with excitement.  But later that week when I saw the ad come on TV at the hotel, it did not wow me like how Kim had at the seminar.

So how do you define success with a reliable car brand that speaks to families, the young and the old like Honda does but their Sr. Manager of Regional Marketing could not represent the brand in such a strong way like as before?  Compared to Land Rover which the Brand VP Kim could wow me, but the commercial could not?

Which side is better?

P.S. A big thanks to Automotive News for putting on another great marketing seminar
I have learned a lot this year thanks to you!