Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Car Marketing; It's All In How You Say It

Just over 3 years ago, Mercedes Benz changed their slogan from "Unlike any other" to "The best or nothing."

Changing what a brand represents happens fairly often and is one of the biggest challenges, next to keeping loyal customers.  The slogan "Unlike any other" to me, says "we make cars that you wont find anywhere else," but when I use to sell luxury cars, if they were looking for a nice sedan, I would show different options, such as a C-class, a BMW 3-series, an A4, a  G35, even an Acura TL. I would do this to see what kind of feeling they got in each because there are others like the one they came in to look at in the first place.
That was one of the best parts of selling used luxury, less pressure, and getting them to feel something real, not feeling like they needed to buy that C-class just because they were at a Mercedes dealership, but buying something because it feels like them.

Each brand represents something bigger than most realize.  Many people buy for styling first, and price second.  Or they are shopping on price and end up buying on style (if the salesman is good at his job.)

-But when do people buy on what it represents?

Its funny, I'm always listening to what people say about cars, like "oh BMW drivers are snobs" or "oh people who drive Benz's are snobs" and the fact is, people that say that, they drive what they drive because they cannot afford that Bimmer or Benz, hands down.  The art of a beautiful vehicle goes a long way when you drive every day, especially if you are single and can afford it.  Granted, there are people out there that would drive a POS just because they do not care about cars, but I am not talking about those people right now, they are off in their own little world that most people aren't in.  At least thats the American in me...

And I guarantee that if those people had the money, they would not buy something junky to make a point, they would buy and drive something that represents them.  That is the base of marketing, making a product that represents the buyer, and getting them to buy it.

So when Mercedes Benz changes their slogan to "The best or nothing," they are saying to the buyer, "we don't settle for less, and neither do you, so buy a Mercedes to show it."

Mercedes got my attention with their latest commercial during the US Open, and I thought it was great since people that can afford a Benz, want nothing but the best, just like someone who buys a BMW, or Audi.  These brands all represent a higher........ its all in how you say it.