Monday, July 22, 2013

Volvo Designes Foldable And Portable Solar Charger For V60

Volvo has introduced a portable solar charging system for their V60 model that gets about 155mpg with the diesel batter generator.  The car on all electric mode gets just over 30 miles on one full charge.
Once the diesel generator starts charging the batter, the cars range can reach up to 560 miles! And with the newly designed foldable solar charger that can charge the car with 110volts in roughly 12 hours.

So I am thinking, take a road trip with the family and with only spending one day at a campground, you can get there, relax for a day while your car charges, and keep going on your adventure.

But my one question is, when you fill up your diesel backup generator, do you still need to charge your battery?

The foldable solar array is just a PR pitch noted from Volvo.  It may never see production, but it certainly is a pretty sight that will help innovate the electric car market.

source: FastCompany