Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Telsa Motors Posts Profit for Q1 and Stocks are Up

Monday's stock market news shows that Tesla Motors, the automaker of the Model S "all-electric sedan and sports car," has jumped 17% from $37.89 up to $44.53 since the posting of their Q1 profit for 2013.

With dealerships and the new Tesla Superchargers strategically placed throughout the world, Elon Musk is not only busy building the electric car market back up basically from scratch, but also sending things into space with SpaceX.

The struggle we have seen Elon go through, even from the days of "The Revenge of the Electric Car," till now, has been just as exciting as actually driving a Model S. A car manufacture coming from a smart kid growing up in a Montessori Program where kids are developed a bit differently, Tesla had a great start from the beginning, no matter how many walls they had to break through.

Elon almost went broke from his money he made when he developed and sold PayPal, and now he has the top engineers and investors in the world backing and moving the electric car industry forward and in the right direction.

Even when John Broder from the New York Times did an article on a cold drive through the east coast and reported major problems, Elon went to the data recorded from the car and with an amazing rebuttal he put on Tesla's Blog, made the data public to straighten out the slam of Tesla from the reputable publication.

Its not always your product that makes or breaks you, its how you handle the bad to make you good. And just like Elon did with his power of writing and data, he brought a bad situation and what could have put most manufactures of electric cars under, and used his knowledge of great PR to make a bad situation, good.

That being one of the major reason why Telsa Motors has succeeded in just 10 years to post a profit in Q1 for 2013 for an all electric car company.  Another is the idea of the dealerships but I will get into that on another post.

Keep it up Tesla, your doing great!