Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Will Never Buy An American Muscle Car

There is always that thought in my head of the future cars that I will one day own; GWagon AMG, Panamera Turbo, any S-Class, Model S, Aventador, M3, GTR, etc. The list goes on.....

But no matter how much I love looking at new and old Mustangs, GTO's, Chargers, or any other American made sports cars, I just don't think I have it in me to ever spend my money on cars unless they are German, Japanese, or any European.

There is something with the development of the American cars that I just don't understand how they cannot come up with something other than "The American Muscle Car," and hybrids.  I think that there is the idea that it looks like it can tear your head off, which is more like a slow and painful death, compared to a Japanese car is more like having a sword that can slit your head off much quicker and less painful and yet it doesn't because it has so much more respect for you than that; its the honor thing.

Almost all great cars overseas are made for the person driving it, not the idea of "how fast can we make this look and go," which is definitely the American way.  It's pretty annoying how cheap they all look inside too, and forget the nice suede! Everyone else has materials that come from magical places, and the leather is massaged every night by beautiful women before being put in the car.

At least there are a few cars like the ZR1 that are super fast and make up for that miss handling American muscles cars gives you.  Just look at all the sports car crashs on the roads and they are mostly American made and mainly Corvettes at that.  The car doesn't take care of the driver once it steps out. Not all rookies drive Corvettes, but when they do, they total the car. Compared to like the new Porsche Cayman S that will take you where you point it to go, and when it steps out, you look great pulling out of the corner in the new Cayman S.

Watch what I mean below when Chris Harris drives the new Cayman S through the hills that would naturally make any Mustang or a Corvette tumble down the hill.

When the American car game can put out a car that competes with BMW and Porsche's handling with styles of an Italian luxury suit, I will be right there reporting for you telling you how well they finally made a great American car.

Until then.....enjoy!