Thursday, February 28, 2013

What A Beauty Of A Horse!! And By Horse I Mean Mustang

I am about to hit the go live button on a post about my passion for never wanting to every buy an American sports car.

And yet, today I came across this pic of a gorgeous Ford Mustang that I still would Not own, but think that this is just a drop dead beauty of a horse!

That matte black finish with what looks like a matte gold color for the wheels, this Mustang is done just right.  And I am really glad that Ford went back to the more traditional Mustang look a few years back. I really think it helped the brand and the car stay so strong for so many years.  I just love all of the body lines, from starting off at the grill with those awesome round lights in the grill arching over the hood to the windshield, to the door handle line making the wheel wells so meaty.  Put just a little paint on that horse and you have one sexy ass Mustang.

.... I still wouldn't buy it.

But I guess everybody has a price.