Monday, February 25, 2013

BMW Drops M3 for Races and Brings Up Z4 GTE

BMW has recently dropped their E92 M3 from the racing line up to bring you their E89 Z4 GTE coupe and I am not sure why.....

BMW Motorsports Director, Jans Marquardt at the 2012 review of BMW had presented the big change stating,  “This change in model shows that we are focussing fully on the BMW Z4 as an all-encompassing GT car.”  Jans also reported, “The BMW Z4 GT3 has been very successful on the GT3 scene in recent years, and has proven its ability to win races. I am confident this car will also play a major role as a GTE car in the ALMS.” The BMW M3 GT has been in action in the ALMS since 2009. It was with this car that BMW and BMW Team RLL won the team and manufacturer titles in the GT class in 2010, and then completed the hat-trick – driver, team and manufacturer titles – in 2011. In total, the car won seven races in four seasons.

To me, this still is not enough to change a complete line up of race chasis to the E89, but it does look really good.

So much beautiful carbon fibre to make this car weight 700lbs lighter to make it only carry 2744lbs.
And even though this engine is restricted at 473hp and 354lbs of torque, the V8 is going to sound so throaty and loud that its gonna be hard not to like. 

At 6-inches longer, 4-inches lower, and 8-inches wider than the production model, I would think that the extremely low stance balances the car just right to justify switching from the M3 to the Z4, and part of the great racing history performance.