Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Perfect Tie To Match The Suit: GWagon Love

Sitting at lunch this weekend in Thornton Park just a few blocks outside of downtown Orlando, you come to see a few nice cars cruising the streets after a night out looking for some good hangover food and mimosa's to pass the day with the person they woke up next to.  M6's, C55's, an occasional M3, possibly a low class Maserati with 22's, and maybe a new money kid in a leased Ferrari.  This neck of the woods in Orlando is filled with locals that know spots, where to park(since there is no parking lots), and college grads that want the downtown lifestyle but with a little more homey feel.  It's a little corner to call their own.

With who looked like a Merit sister (one of the Monavie families) getting out of this beautiful GWagon with Asanti wheels, I couldn't help but stare at the perfect rim and tire set up to match the car.  They were perfect! Like a perfect tie to match the suit. With the right size rim for the wheel wells, and some thick, yet flush rubber, I had to take a picture of it passing after the girl came out of Planet Smoothie only to find her man from the inside lean over to open her Wagon door like a Gent.