Monday, January 7, 2013

Texas Instruments Shows Greater In-Car Infotainment, Heads-Up Display, Center Console And Dashboard Systems at CES 2013

Today, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Texas Instruments(TI) DLP®  Products, is to show their latest vision for the futre of in-car/vehicle infotainment with augmented reality(AR) head-up display, digital dashboards, and center console systems.

Texas Instruments has been helping the automotive industry with technology relating to sensors and infrared cameras, along with other components.  These next-generation systems from TI mark TI DLP's first official entry into the automotive industry and I am very excited to see a company as pronounced as TI to come into this market since the future of cars, the demand for electronics and infotainment is gaining so much speed. The notable technology company is achieving higher resolution and brightness, expanded field of view, tactile feedback, distraction-reduced functionality, and interior design flexibility that breaks the design barriers of existing technology.

With Tesla's Model S basically having a Tablet in the dash, the feeling of playing in a car without one, is almost as frustrating as watching the numbers go up as you fill your gas tank.  I strongly believe that car manufactures were very concerned with so much distraction that a computer screen can have to a driver, that it has taken the minds of the smart phone creators to open the eyes of the designers in the automotive industry to show what can be achieved on an in-dash system.

Systems like the one TI's DLP is showing off at CES2013 are the wave of the automotive future.  Its not a distracting TV, and its not trying to create your latest Word Doc while driving, but maybe voice text in your car is not far from what is being accomplished right now while giving you the best way to get to work around the traffic.

Source: PRNewswire