Monday, December 10, 2012

Why Cartier Does Videos Like This

Because they know their market!

Video marketing is essencial in this millenium whether you like it or not.  You have to have a Vimeo or a YouTube account to encourage your cost effectiveness for marketing.  Not to mention that it is also playing a huge role into your SEO strategy and the effectiveness of getting noticed.  Video's help create a voice for a brand, such as Cartier has done for the last few years, hitting over tens of millions of views per video on YouTube, and all for free to publish. Mind you it cost money to make the video.

I am sure Cartier still pays for commercial advertising, but when you are close to 20 million views in under a year for a single three and a half minute video, why spend all that money for a great commercial, and then have to spend so much more money to publish it around the world?

A "voice" for a brand, or an image if you will, is, and will always be, the strongest part of your brand.  Remeber; people buy from people, and what better way to show how "high end" your product than to have sexy people with exotic animals showing off your stuff.

Take for example Ellen DeGeneres, people buy what she wears because of what she is about, not because it looks great. And in marketing, you need to know where your market is.  The Ellen Show is not where Cartier's audience is. That's why a publicly free video from the Cartier, like the one below, works. It works because they know their audience, they know how prestige their products are, and they know how to show it in ways that will attract their buyers...with style, and a strong voice.

Kudo's to you Cartier