Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tesla Motors Goes Live With Supercharger Stations

Tesla Motors Elon Musk is, in my opinion, one of the most influential men of the 21st century.

With SpaceX successfully connecting to the space station, the new billionaire that came from a computer back round selling PayPal, has been pushing and grinding the all-electric sports car market with Tesla Motors.

I know its not a sports car, but Screw the Chevy Volt! If you haven't sat in one....DON"T!  The Volt is Chevy's cry basically saying that they "effed up when they smashed all of the EV1's back in the 90's and is trying to say they care about the car industry by making an EV for, what I think is only for, computer nerds and scientist.

The movie, Revenge Of The Electric Car,  was a great push for the electric car industry in ways that we can only see now, and that is by Tesla shaping the EV industry into what has been needed to be done for almost 2 decades.

It has taken until now, that EV's are seen every single day on the road, but it could not have been done without businesses like Walgreens for example to put charging stations in their parking lots.

And now Tesla has come up with a "Supercharger" for the industry that can fully charge 300 miles in under 30 minutes.

Tesla is also saying that all Model S buyers will be able to charge their sedan Free Of Charge....Forever!!

Thank you Elon Musk for being so Amazing and helping change the world for the better!!!

Watch this video of Elon presenting the new Supercharger's from Tesla.