Monday, December 3, 2012

2025 Police and Future BMW

A couple high end car manufactures like Mercedes and BMW have in the past, made patrol cars for the European government as another avenue to manufacture their sports cars to help catch those extremely fast speeders along with what I think are bragging rights that the police have BMW's and Mercedes in their fleet. I mean, what cop wound not drive an M5 everyday for work?

Whereas here in the States, most sports cars can out run a squad car, for the exception of Chevy with the Corvette and Camero police cars in states like Texas.

BMW recently put a press release out with their 2025 Police Concept car with amazing technology like a flying drone to help catch criminals that appear to be getting away, or jumping fences.  The concept is very futuristic with the future of technology in mind.

From the BMW press release,
Laurenz Schaffer, President of DesignworksUSA comments the solution delivered by the design team:  “DesignworksUSA`s role as a think tank is to challenge the status quo of existing product solutions”, he says. “We wanted to present a visionary impulse to the theme of highway patrol. Hence our contribution to the L.A. Design Challenge is a vision concept with no links to BMW´s future design strategy. We took the liberty to think out of the box. To emphasize the conceptual approach our design is independent from BMW design elements and known visual cues but looks at new product typologies and fresh ideas on shapes.”

All I know, is that technology can only help us and make us faster, but we still cannot run faster than a drone.

source, bmw press