Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The "VW'ers" / "V Dubbers"

Brand Loyalty- "The degree to which a consumer consistently purchases the same brand within a product class."

When you think Volkswagen, what is the first thing that comes to mind? 

My mind says that it's a safe bet; that it's for the "family friendly" kind of people, and most of all "brand loyalty."

I had a friend that drove a modified R32 Golf that was very fast, and now that he is growing up, Volkswagen had a more mature car for him that wouldn't loose his style and passion for driving. He recently purchased a brand new Jetta GLI that was very attractive, so I couldn't argue his decision. 

But when a friend buys a car, I have to ask "why that one"...no matter what they bought. And there is something to say about the way VW'ers speak for their new love in their life, and the proof of brand loyalty in Volkswagon is that (according to Roy Morgan out of Austrailia,) VW earned the highest percent of brand loyalty over the 2012 summer.

It's because they have a wide range of cars for your ever changing life.  From a sporty Rabbit and New Beetle for the new driver, to the classy Passat and CC that your buy when you get that new job out of college. And when you have a couple kids and dogs to drive around, you have the Toureg and Routan that are both very nice and affordable upgrades where reliability and style is key.

Having those wide range of vehicles that your kids and grandkids can appreciate with a great message behind it is the strongest and fastest way to brand loyalty.

David Maus Jr. is the general manager at David Maus Volkswagen North and he said that "VW'ers are like a cult.  Most will buy Volkswagen for life."  He also states that having (as) "many choices, that top the reliability board is a key factor to attracting, and keeping such a wide range of passionate car buyers loyal to the brand.  As far as people who don't drive VW, they don't know what they are missing."

David ends with one of Volkswagen's slogans, "Enjoy what you drive."

And I think thats true for every day living, not just driving. Volkswagen has really nailed that slogan on the head for an automotive campaign because almost everyone can relate to that saying. Keeping it real to the people in day to day living can really make a difference in any business.