Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Best Father And Son Bonding Moment Ever!

Since I am a new dad with the birth of my son Dexter 13 months ago, my mind is flooded with ideas on how to have fun with each other while mommy is at work. So I recently put a 2ft tall skateboard mini ramp in the garage and Dexter just loves watching me, and pushing the skateboard back and forth while  so young. I think he will really enjoy that.

And with the installation of a forward facing car seat in the RL, his smiles couldn't have been any bigger.  That same day, we went to the super market that has the shopping carts with steering wheels, and Dexter immediately grabbed the wheel like daddy at 9 and 3 o'clock....race car style! Probably because he saw daddy drive like that.

A car dad couldn't be any happier.

I had to post this video even though it is a year old, but the feeling you get watching a father and son having an epic moment, will last forever.  With what looks like a GT3(couldn't hear a turbo) with Recaro seats (heck, the kid has a Recaro booster seat(BALLIN!)), this dad got his son the best natural high the world could give by flooring it when no traffic is around.  The son is so happy, he asks to get cake.  Maybe to celebrate his car high? And chocolate at that!

Thank you Porsche for making this father-son moment possible.

source: The Sports Car Guys