Thursday, October 11, 2012

Social Media: Keep It Real

When posting on social media, remember that you are always learning something.  Learning what works, and what doesn't work. Sometimes you get lucky and catch a spike in activity. But what about the days that nothing is going on?

Those are the days you may just go on a whim and post something, hoping that it catches. Unless you have a team of creative content personel that always come up with the slickest comments and posts.

But for those who are't professional Facebooker's, you need to be careful on what you do since you think you know more than everyone but the person you just watch a tutorial on Facebook of. I have seen people loose half of their followers because they said just one wrong post.

A "simple opinion" that may hurt half of your followers should be something, lets say, kept to yourself?

And lets say your career is entertainment, or speaking; you cannot risk a post on a "whim" in hopes that it makes you even bigger because you asked a tough question, or answered a fans question inappropriately.

The thing about social media, is that you have to make people care...make them care enough to have them click on your name and follow you, since it is your career.

Even the other day, I saw a publication post just a link just to their page in the comments on a picture of something not even relevant to the pub.  That's a "no-no." That will never make anyone click on your name. Humans are smart enough to know spam, or ads.  "Oh, lets post a link to us on this just because it will get more people to like us."

Successful social media campaigns, especially in difficult industries, are due to the fact that "real" people are behind those pages. Those people who care are the ones leaving the best comments on pictures, encouraging words for people to be successful, etc. That is what it takes to have a voice on Facebook, and a voice is what keeps you seen. It keeps you "real."

Just remember to "keep it real."