Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why Red Bull's Marketing Team Is The Best In The World

Have you ever dreamed of pulling carbon fiber paddle shifters with the gas peddle down in New York City and through to New Jersey? Or doing doughnuts in front of the Statue Of Liberty with cyclist circling you?
Red Bull's marketing team is one of the best organizations I have come to find.  They are more than an energy drink; they are a movement, they are a statement, they are a power.

With events around the world almost every single day, the marketing that has to go behind a company to make such a voice in so many industries is almost like an industry in itself.

Call it a "Global Marketing Power Team."

Red Bull doesn't spend but pennies on billboard ads, they invest in stickers for their sponsored athletes that are infront of cameras, holding plastic water bottles with their logos(filled with water,) and YouTube videos about the most amazing sights for each of their niche markets.

From the "Flugtag" to "Air Race," from motocross "X-Fighter" to...well almost every extreme sport you can think of.  Even "Cliff Diving" and "Freerunning"(parkour,) Red Bull's marketing is like a wild animal that you just can't stop or beat.

Helping bring more attention to Formula 1, below is one of the latest monumental YouTube videos from Red Bull and their Formula 1 car with almost three hundred thousand hits in less than a week. Creative, innovative, and energetic, this video makes me want to get up and do doughnuts with a can of Red Bull in my hand hanging out the window like a famous finger point. Another reason why Red Bull is a "Global Marketing Power Team"