Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What happened to real race days?

Car races use to be fun. The idea behind a race is to see who the strongest, longest lasting, and the most talented team in the sport to date.  But it has to be fun or else the crowd will leave, and they never did.  Those days are gone, not just in the States, but all over the globe and it's very sad to see the sport of car racing be dumbed down for so many reasons that nobody agrees with and the attendance of races is so low that sponsors don't want a part of this fantastic sport which means concepts never get funded, etc.

Wouldn't you want to be here?

Take F1, after Senna, has not had a death in racing since they listened to the racers and the people in charge actually made good decisions.  Whereas IndyCar still has people dying because they are not listing to anyone driving the cars.  Indy is just a crazy race because the speed is so excessive and the turns can seem big but really aren't, and when drivers seem to have bad feelings, someone always gets hurt or killed.  We need to listen to the people in the race, they are the ones actually out there.

Remember when they use to make racers start across the track, and when the gun went off to start the race, the drivers had to sprint to their car, start it, and then get the hell out of there? True engineering from the start.

Those were the days, and I hope they come back.