Wednesday, June 20, 2012

McLaren's Design Team Buys Florida Marlin To Study Design

People that can think outside the box typically succeed in this world now, and some of those people influence the world to be a better place on top of moving society forward.  BMW has always been on top of inovation and moving forward in the automotive industry whether it be your favorite sports car or a local police officers motorcycle.

And McLaren, one of the top names in exotic cars, has the mind-set to make absolutely the best exotic sports cars in the world with cutting edge design, technology, and style.  Coming up with light weight body parts for the optimal power-to-weight ratio.   

In London at the Product Design + Innovation Conference, head of design at BMWi, Benoit Jacob, and design director at McLaren,  Frank Stephenson, both spoke about new design with developing lightweight cars that rely on composite materials. 

BMW now has a new branch called BMWi that is focused on the electrical car market, producing zero emissions with style and affordability in a new market with not so exciting price points.  Speaking at the conference, Frank from McLaren questioned whether electric cars will mold the future of the automotive industry by reducing the weight of the car with lightweight technology.....advanced composite materials.  

Benoit Jacob approached the conference to discuss the innovative BMWi devisions quest to build electric cars with new materials such as a new popular plastic called rPET (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate)

BMWi has already delivered the i3series to very happy customers around the world, and is working on the i8concept to work into production.  So McLaren has some catching up to do but you have to understand that these two car manufactures are competing with each other, but in different classes in extremely different price categories.  

The most innovative idea from the conference was from Stephenson at McLaren really thinking deep into water by going to Florida, buying a Marlin, and shipping it back(I would say dead) to their headquarters to study its design by 3D scan to help the team understand fish hydrodynamics. 

I could only imagine a design like the BMW GINA Light Visionary Model. But am very interested in what the McLaren team comes up with from this fishy idea.