Friday, September 16, 2011

Thinking Of The Days At Sebring

Sebring International Raceway is one of the most famous road courses in the world. It holds the 12 Hours Of Sebring every year for LMP1 cars, GT cars, and Prototypes. Throughout the year though, the track is rented out by companies, clubs, and holds other races, and well, if you have never been, you are missing out on so much heritage in the racing world. Skip Barber even had a driving school that would train some of the best races today. I always like to take a trip down when Chinn Motorsports (a track day club) rents out the course for the weekend and lets you haul ass around its 3.7 mile track through 17 intense turns. With another track weekend or two under my suit, I should be going Solo. Then the real fun begins.

If you have done an event like this or this is your hobby to run your car as fast as you can around a track, post a comment of where you love to drive the most and why.