Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CTS-V Wagon Top Speed Run at El Mirage, Vette vs CTS-V Drag

I think I have found my new future car. And it is the CTS-V Wagon from Cadillac. I have posted about this car but Matt Farah at "Smoking Tire" does a great job with this video and putting it to almost max speed.
As I have posted about my fience's Audi A3, I love to drive that thing. The simplicity of it, the lightness, and the spooling turbo makes me smile, plus I have always love sporty wagons. But now there is a luxury wagon that pulls more G's than a Porsche GT3.....it seems like my all inclusive vehicle. Its a daily driver, its a track car, its "put the dogs in the back and hit the beach" car. And it has over 550hp?! I could get use to a supercharged 6.2litre engine real quick. I mean over 23 cubic feet of room to store stuff in the back safely, then you can fold down the back seats for over 30 cubic feet of fun back there.
0-60mph is just over 4 seconds and more importantly, 70-0mph is 155feet with those 6 piston front calipers!! Brembo is holding strong in the luxury market right now.
And as I have posted the Black Diamond Edition, I have been looking forward to drive this in the near future. I don't need the Diamond Edition, but just showing what a little bit of touch to a sports car wagon can really do for the brand.
Like Matt from SmokingTire.com says in the video "It's like Cadillac giving people like me an apology for the entire 1990's"
That sounds like something we should appreciate from Cadillac.