Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New F-10 M5 From BMW

BMW "M" fans have been waiting and hearing all sorts of things about the new M5. Manual or not, DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) or not, V10 or not. Well the rumors are so strong, they have to be close to real since the car will be first shown as a concept at the Shanghai Auto Show soon while the production version will be dropped at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The engine should be coming from the X5M and the X6M which is a V8 twin turbocharged that puts 555hp in the big SUV's matted with a 7 speed transmission. So I am betting that this one will be tuned a bit better to put almost 600hp. Plus this engine get 25% better fuel economy which will help people shrug off the brand new sticker price.
BMW has gotten me really excited about the new M because they kept the quad exhaust tail pipes, a bit sexier 20" wheels and still the aggressive front fenders. It does look like for the concept at least, they are not doing the standard oval M mirrors to help set it apart from the other F10's Lets not forget about the up size in brakes to help this beast stop on a dime. Tires are gonna run around 265/35zr20 which i think are a bit small since the E39's had 275's in the rear.