Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodwood Does Mini

Goodwood, named for its home at Rolls-Royce, has taken English styling and put it into, a now German car from BMW, the Mini Cooper. It is a Cooper S but with Goodwood badging, using the 1.6liter turbocharged 4 cylinder pushing out 181hp to the front wheels.
This Mini looks the most appealing to me because where I work, first, the seats suck. They are not real leather, they are ugly looking and do not feel right. These seats by Goodwood are plush to perfection! Cornsilk leather going perfect with the Walnut Burr wood trim. Second, the floor mats make you feel like you hunted a lion and put it on the floor of your Mini Cooper. Third, the outside color is Diamond Black Metallic straight from the Rolls Royce catalog.
Only 1,000 units will be made and more than likely, we will never see one in the states, but I can only hope someone here has the taste for something like this.