Monday, February 7, 2011

Robert Kubica Crashes In Andora Rally

Robert Kubica and his teammate Jakub Gerber suffered a high-speed accident this Sunday durring the Andora Rally race through Genoa, Italy. Gerber walked away from the car unharmed, but that does not go the same for Kubica who was driving. The car hit the end of a road barrier, reports say, possibly because of the damp road conditions.
Robert being in the driver seat had serious injuries to his right arm and fractures to his leg. He was airlifted to Dr. Igor Rossello, a hand surgery expert at a near by hospital in Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure, Italy. Rossello was joined by Lotus Renault GP's doctor, Riccardo Ceccarelli. He is said to make a decent recovery but it could take up to a week to see if his hand will fully recover to drive again competitively.
Our thoughts and our prayers go out to his family through this rough time, especially since his crash in Canada in 2007 was just as scary. Kubica recovered from that devastating crash and I know he will recover from this one.
Stay Strong!!