Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Audi Superbowl ad Green Police

Audi came out with a Turbo Diesel A3 last year and had a great marketing ad during the Superbowl. My girlfriend just bought a Turbo Inline-5 A3 this year from someone who worshiped the car so its "pretty perfect" to everyone. I joined some Audi forums to see what's up with the vehicle, you know, dependability, service, and real stories about the car. I gave her the approval and she has loved the purchase ever since. So once in a while I'll look up some cool things about it and came across this ad that probably cost Audi a pretty penny to run. All ads during the Superbowl are to be funny and entertaining....this ad, just makes me want a fuel friendly car with a reminder that the brand I just bought has "fun" on its mind.

With some firm driving through cities and highways, your average mpg is about 34. Just on the highway at normal speed you can expect around 50mpg!! And with newly styled wheels, this A3 is very attractive, especially when it passes you and you see the TDI badge on the back.