Friday, January 21, 2011

Bugatti 16c Galiber

If you have followed this site for a while you will probably remember my first post of this 4 door powerhouse. I recently came across some more pics and info. The concept that showed at IAA in 2009 was set up with a 16 cylinder engine pushing out 800hp.
Since the Veyron will stop production soon, well 2013; Audi, who in part with VW has based the Galiber on the A8 platform, is striving to achieve better numbers for a much needed profitable gain in the coming years. They are expecting to have a more Turbo assisted smaller engine set into this car as it is more realistic.

Look out 2014, I expect this design for Bugatti to help tremendously. Porsche saw significant number increases with the production of their Panamera. I would expect the Galiber to do nothing but the same.