Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ford Takes Testing to a New Level

So I got an email today saying that "YouCar" (YouCar TV) was now following us on Twitter. As anyone follows Motoracingltd anywhere, we are always interested in who, where, and what they are about. "YouCar" is a European based site with automotive industry news and highlights. They recently put some videos of the new EcoBoost engine from the new F-150 performing under some EXTREME conditions.

The first video I came across was them pulling 11,000lbs
Click Here For The Link

Then they put it up against its competitors in the heat, up hill pulling 9,000lbs
The Link Is Here

Then they put the same engine in a Baja Rally and it surpassed the competition
See The Rally Here

I am VERY impressed on what Ford has been putting on the market the last year or so. Check out these videos and see for yourself what the competition is lacking.
And the thing is....the EcoBoost is only a 6 cylinder!!!