Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Volkswagen Looking at Stake in Ferrari

I heard Maurizio Reggiani, VP of R&D for Lamborghini, say that a super car needs to not look like an adult made it. It needs to look like a 6 year old boy designed it with the most imaginable ideas ever. And in 1998, Piech, the man behind Volkswagen, was with his son at a toy store when his son got really excited about a vintage toy Bugatti. After that, Piech bought the rights to the Bugatti marque. He knows what he is doing with his company, can we argue?

Now there are reports that say VW wants to have Fiat's most profitable brand, Ferrari. There are no confirmed statements from Fiat that they will sell out like that. But possible put up stakes in public auction where VW could purchase some percentage there and Fiat would keep 51%. This could mean big things in the super car market in the near future. Possible a Ferrari SUV? This week on the internet rumors, BMW is about to tend to its Chinese market with an huge SUV with a X7, and talk about a Lamborghini crossover.