Friday, October 1, 2010

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept

A new idea has come from Lambo yet again. Its called the Sesto Elemento, and this concept debuted at the 2010 Paris auto show on Thursday only weighing just over 2,200 lbs with 570hp.

The big thing for the company is to make not more horsepower, but to cut weight of the vehicle for power-to-weight ratio improvement. Remember the LP670-SV that I posted last year, well that car was a success because of how much carbon fiber was used for a light weight material.
On Thursday, Lamborghini announced a new collaboration with world know golf manufacture Callaway. Yes, Callaway, the company has been dabbling in the carbon fiber industry for a little bit to make lighter, stronger golf club shafts. They are using a new kind of carbon fiber called "forged composite" that Lambo has seen an opportunity in and has signed papers for this new partnership.

There is also a new style of composite plastic mixing together with carbon fiber called CFRP (CarbonFiberReinforcedPlastic.) Majority of this new car is made up of either traditional carbon fiber and/or CFRP for that ultra light curb weight they are trying to achieve. The parts on the car with these materials come into play with the wheels, suspension, body panels, and even crumple zones.
The seats are abnormal to a street car as well. With the design from famous F1 race cars, the seats are molded carbon fiber with no seat frames.

Thanks to the WSJ
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