Friday, September 24, 2010

Richard Petty’s Driver Search II


Richard Petty's Driver Search uses a multiple module format, with each module designed to test a specific skill or set of skills, using well-defined criteria. Each driver’s performance is measured against those scoring criteria to assess the performance of the required skill(s) within each module. The scoring is points based, with a defined number of points awarded at each module, with the emphasis on the driving modules. Computerized timing and scoring as well as video and data acquisition are used where applicable, allowing the objective scoring of each module. The points earned in each module are combined to make up the participant's overall score. The driver with the highest overall score will be named "Top Driver". Prior to the start of the competition within each module, participants are provided with “open practice” opportunities.

It is not cheap but someone who is serious about racing might just find a way into a drivers seat.