Thursday, September 30, 2010

Made by Monkeys The monkeys hid the battery

This is great stuff from Design News---

By A.K. Rosenhan

As a firefighter I end up at car fires. Recently we responded to an electrical fire in a new small Dodge 4 door. The idea was to disconnect the battery. We couldn’t find it! Turns out it was buried, literally, in the left front of the engine compartment with just a small “window” where one could see one of the terminals. I have no idea how one would get to it in order to jump a dead battery, much less replace the battery. There has to be a better way than removing everything around it.

We have all sorts of problems at car fires and other emergencies. Strange the way things are made. Reminds me of my 1969 Oldsmobile where the right front fender had to be removed to get to a squeaky heater fan motor. It stayed squeaky.

My theory is that any automotive designer or engineer needs to work in a service station or repair shop for six months, as well as an auto salvage yard for six months before being let loose in design.