Friday, August 20, 2010

Power, personalization and Porsche

I love the Panamera now, well I love the Turbo, 3.3 seconds 0-60mph. And I CANNOT wait for the convertible to come out, but until then, Porsche has come up with and upgrade for Turbo buyers in September. New titanium turbos, undercarriage fins, wider intake grills, increased torque, along with power. 540hp and 590lbs of torque sounds about right for anyone to pay and extra $21,000 for the Powerkit upgrade. Buyers can choose two options of upgrades. The Powerkit, which gives you the extra power but won't budge the fuel economy, and a Sport Design Package that gets you the undercarriage fins, new wheels, and separate side skirts. My opinion, when you have to money to get the Turbo in the first place, you more than likely have the money for this upgrade and you should definitely talk to you Porsche dealer about getting it done when the parts come in.