Monday, July 26, 2010

Ferrari fined $100,000

At this weeks F1 race in Germany at Hockenheim, Fernando Alonso took the victory for Ferrari. Ferrari's Felipe Massa led the race from the start until Ferrari said that his teammate, Fernando Alonso, was faster and Massa and should thus let a pass happen. So when Massa received that radio message from the team: "OK, so, Fernando is faster than you," which was clearly an indication to let Alonso by, he let Alonso go by after the hairpin turn and stayed in second place across the finish line, with Vettel in third for Redbull.
But after speaking with Massa, the Ferrari driver had stated that it was his harder tires that were dragging him down and had to let the pass occur. But FIA race stewards in Hockenheim have found Ferrari guilty of breaching Article 151C, which refers to bringing the sport into disrepute, in addition to breaking Article 39.1, the team-orders rule. It says, "Team orders which interfere with a race are prohbited."That in the end costs Ferrari $100,000 in fines. I guess the Talladega saying from actor Will Ferrel "shake and bake" doesn't apply here.

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