Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2011 STI looks great!

The new Subaru STI is coming out of the hatch back and coming back with a stylish wing. Not too much has changed except for traditional rubber bushings, Subaru has decided to go with a steel ball nestled in a metal sleeve. While the sleeve is surrounded by thin strips of rubber to help isolate that cabin from some of the noise and vibrations of the suspension, the ball-in-socket design yields significantly lower amounts of lateral flex, helping to keep the STI's camber and toe in check under extreme driving conditions. The 5 door trim version is available to but with upgraded wheels and a little higher sticker price. Subaru will be happy to put you in the four-door WRX STI for a mere $33,995, just $1,000 more than the 2010 WRX STI Special Edition went for in 2010 and a full grand less than the standard model. The power and drivetrain are the same from last year, but have beefed up the suspension to get .03g more than the 2010 at .93g on the skid pad.